Thursday, February 8, 2007



This was written in February of 2007.

While some of it may seem dated, much of it is downright prescient, eh?


Quick question...

What's your best estimate on the ratio between those wringing their hands over diminishing resources...and those gleefully profiting from said diminishing resources?
How many people want things to many don't...?
How many would take a few decades of SUV's, Hi-DEF video games, internet porn, and all the goodies, in exchange for the gamble that nothing bad will happen...or just don't care...

How many would park the car, go off the grid, entertain themselves with simple pleasures, and step backwards to a lifestyle more primitive than that of their parents?

It'll come down to knowing the answers...for some, there will be attempts to sway opinion, prior to presenting the question.

I'd prefer to know right now...before we go off like a man with one shoe nailed down.
I worked with a guy like that. He was hardworking, and diligent to a fault, but rarely got anything done. There was always a distraction to send him off on some tangent.
We called him Captain Spyrograph.
Nice little loop-d-loops, going nowhere fast.

Here are a few words from an earlier post...I don't want this overall tone to get lost...

Get over Man v. Nature. It's a no-win situation. We are nature.

Everything we have ever done, everything we will ever do is part of the natural course of events.
Don't waste time on a reactionary, guilt driven crusade to undo our mistakes.
Take stock. We know what's good for us.
Change demand, and supply will follow.
That's the natural course of events.

Keep that in mind, and the rest will be easier...not easy...easier...even the stupid things we do, attempting to solve our problems, are part of the natural course of events...

'cuz we're naycha...

Anytime you need a break from all the's a little tale to fill the time...'AARRGHH...ya can only get there by boat' below...

Start Rawfeed...unedited...make of it what you will...

Forget Global Warming.
This is about whether, or not, we want our lives ruled by King Petro Chem.
I suggest this crisis is about a shift in the balance of world power.
USofA's enemies in the Middle East are all oilmen, with long memories.
President Daddy's ( GHWB ) years of illustrious service to God and Country, came with a mindset that believes any method of securing the USofA's interest in Middle Eastern Oil is acceptable...just don't get caught...when he and Cheney get loose, they're oilmen who made it to the top...and they have their personally trained hand-puppet ( Bubbya ) at the helm...that's alright, of course...might makes right, eh?
Throw in God's blessing...all's well that ends well...
The world is currently being run by the oilmen...politically, militarily, economically, and in the hearts and minds of the citizenry.
Recall everything you think you know about oilmen.
I don't want those guys in my heart and mind, smarminess sickens me...not to mention in charge of my future...damn, this is gettin' serious...

They don't care, and will accept casualties, as long as it ain't them.

Stop using Petro Chems, and a global power shift will happen so fast we won't know what to do.
Damn...there's always something, eh?...we won't know what to do...
So what.
We haven't known what to do most of the time.
But, we did it...without computer modeled scenarios, or any of that stuff...
Just do it.
If Global Warming is the result of our emissions, we'll kill two birds with one stone.
Clear the air...literally, and figuratively...
to be cont'd...end Rawfeed...

Good. That's what we need. Common sense, and foresight.

Let's try one of those Doomsday from a Comet scenarios.
Everyone is mobilized, with a common goal.
Pick a situation that shows the comet about 2000 days from Earth Impact.
That's a little over five years.
We have half a decade to do what we gotta do.

If the problem were presented in such a way, and the vast majority of people believed it to be true, we'd move Heaven and Earth in those five years.
And, I'd bet on us to win.

The way things are going, Las Vegas books wouldn't lay even money on our chances.
I'd like to improve the odds.

If you've read the introductory material, you will have seen reference to King Petro Chem.
What is Petro Chem, this ubiquitous, wondrously helpful material, which threatens to be our downfall?

The intro provided the notion that Petro Chem is really old trees.
More precisely, it's actually very old carbon based life forms...the ancestors of trees, and other living things...decayed, pressurized, and heated into, what we know as petroleum, by the Earth.
Broken down to its elements Petro Chem is made from a lot of the same stuff we're made from.
To a large extent.

It's that other stuff that's messing things up.

Let's say we bite the bullet, and just stop using fossil fuels.
Refining stops.
Without a reason to refine, there won't be any plastic.
Take a look around you. See anything made of plastic?
It's not simply a matter of filling your, constructed mostly of Petro Chem car with vegetable oil, before car-pooling to the recycle.
If refining stops, plastic, which is made from Petro Chem's more volatile esters and ethers, also stops.
To get plastic, without a use for the lower grades of Petroleum Distillates, the fuel grade stuff will all have to be disposed of.
So, far, there's no practical way to get the volatile esters and ethers without processing the whole kit and kaboodle.
Why would there be?
Up until DuPont chemists started developing Rayon and Nylon, everything above flight fuel on the distillation grade charts was pretty much waste.
For the past fifty years, we've been buying the Petro Chem industry's waste.
I guess that's better than having it all vaporised, and burned off, into the atmosphere.
That was the other choice for disposal, by the way.

DuPont Boardoom, early 1950's.
There are rumblings of pollution.
Executive command..."It has to be disposed of somehow."
Solution..."Let's make it into stuff we can sell."
King Petro Chem loves us.

This is gonna be tough, eh?

These guys are clever, ruthless, and have the power of the 'ol Boy network thing down pat.
However, they aren't as clever and ruthless as the onrush of Ecobabbleism.
Especially Ecobabbleism presented by a hard bitten, new age, eco freak.

...or, we could give in, develop solar powered...with excellent storage, HI-Def, surround sound, Internet Porn Units...IPU...
People would stop breeding, and never leave their homes.
This would cut down on greenhouse emissions, as well as reducing population.

Who knows, maybe that's the natural course of events, eh?